Practice Funding for Doctors

Funding is Available

Specialised practice funding is available for general practioners and those in private practice. Funding can be provided for a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company. Although commercial lending options are generally slim in the current market, professional premises are looked upon more favourably by banks.

Mortgages are secured on property and are available at competitive rates. We can quickly establish your options and maximum borrowing.

Been Declined?

It is worth noting than even if you have been declined by your business bankers, this is not necessarily a barrier to borrowing.

Practice Property and SIPPs

You can also consider funding your practice through a SIPP property arrangement gaining valuable taxation benefits. Using a SIPP (Self Invested Pension Plan), you can use the value of your pension fund(s) to buy your practice premises. Since the building is then held in the SIPP, any capital growth is free of capital gains tax. The practice would pay rent at market rates to the pension fund which further increases your holding (and rental received is free of income tax). The rental payments made do not impact on your contribution limits under pensions legislation.

For more about our Doctors’ Mortgage service, please view our Mortgages for Doctors video