Newly Qualified Doctor Mortgage

We specialist in helping junior doctors undergoing foundation training to obtain mortgages and remortgages.

The Issues

F1 and F2 training is based on a fixed-term rather than permanent contract which concerns mortgage lenders. They are also frequently confused by changes in your contract caused by short-term rotations.

In addition, banding supplements are not always considered with regard to maximum lending calculations leaving you short of the funding you need.

All of these factors can cause you problems.

The Solution

Because our team deals with doctors every day, we are aware of the pitfalls and will help you avoid them. We have contacts and lending sources who will look favourably on your situation and advance lending which may have been declined elsewhere. In some cases, we have even arranged borrowing for doctors through lenders who have previously declined them.

Our service is specifically designed around the needs of hospital doctors. Our secure online forms allow you to provide the information we need at a time that suits you. Our regular updates by email and SMS text mean you do not have to worry or set time aside to contact us during standard office hours.

No meetings, no paperwork, no fuss – it all adds up to exactly what you are looking for.

For more about our Doctors’ Mortgage service, please view our short video on this page.

Exclusive Mortgages

Specialised professionals’ mortgages are available for newly qualified doctors who are:

  • Qualified
  • Practising
  • Registered

The difficulties in raising the funds you need whilst your income builds are eliminated using our service.

We have access to exclusive deals which allow you to borrow at preferential rates and generous income multiples.

We provide a ‘next day’ mortgage offer in principle decision. We do not need to meet and there is minimal paperwork to complete, saving you time and money.

For more about our Doctors’ Mortgage service, please view our Mortgages for Doctors video