Consultant Mortgage

Mortgage Complications for Consultants

Consultant doctors have particular complications and issues when it comes to arranging a mortgage or remortgage.

The consultant grade doctor has earnings in the higher range for a professional. If NHS income is supplemented by private practice, a consultant’s income can be well into six figures.

This means that he or she is typically looking at higher end property priced well over £250,000 and over £500,000 in some areas. Higher prices mean higher buying costs with stamp duty land tax a particularly expensive cost. Affordability becomes an issue as the consultant may wish to raise five times total income on a mortgage yet only have 15% or even 10% deposit.

Consultants often have existing property let out in the background and this can also cause complications.

Our Bespoke Service for Consultants

We are highly experienced in assisting consultant doctors with mortgages. We fully understand the way consultants are remunerated and how this relates to lender criteria. We know which lenders are more likely to be sympathetic to a particular situation. This knowledge, together with our access to exclusive and professionals only mortgage products, gives us a strong proposition.

The final key factor is the way we operate. As an independent online mortgage brokerage, our service fits in with your working commitments and makes little demand on your time.

Our secure online forms mean you can give us the information we need to assist you at a time that suits you. Whether that time is early in the morning or late in the evening, the choice is yours. You are not restricted to communicating with us during standard office hours.

We do not need to meet and there is no paperwork to complete – this frees up your time further. You will be allocated an experienced mortgage broker who regularly deals with consultant doctors. We keep you updated by email and SMS text at regular points during the process so that you know exactly what is happening.

Specialised professionals’ mortgages are available for consultant otors who are:

  • Qualified
  • Practising
  • Registered
  • Employed
  • Self employed
  • Employed with private practice

The larger the mortgage required, the fewer lenders who will have an offering and the more expertise and experience you will need from your mortgage broker.

We have access to exclusive mortgage deals, designed for professionals, that will allow you to borrow at preferential rates and generous income multiples.

We provide a ‘next day’ mortgage offer in principle decision. We do not need to meet and there is minimal paperwork to complete saving you time and money.

For more about our Doctors’ Mortgage service, please view our Mortgages for Doctors video